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We are the Leader in the REAL ESTATE

Have you been thinking of more space? Maybe considering exploring the great outdoors? Have you thought about coming to the Poconos? How about a new dream or vacation home only 90 minutes from New York City?

Come see what the Poconos has to offer.  I will help you find the property that best serves your needs. We provide renovation and management services (If necessary) to help you acquire your perfect vacation, dream home, or investment property.

The real estate market experienced a down turn back in 2008, as a result we are seeing quite a few homes that the prices are at an all-time low. We would like to help you take advantage of these amazing prices.

We will help you to find the right property for your needs and assist with the acquisition and renovation, if needed.

Once process is completed you will have a beautiful home to enjoy as your home away from home or the home you enjoy every day.

Let us help you find your Dream or Vacation home.


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We are an international award winning commercial interior design agency.
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We are a global leader in interior design, architecture, and planning & landscape.
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We pride ourselves on our personalized service and close attention to detail.
We are an expert contemporary interior design company delivering award winning results.

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